Handknit Wool Diaper Cover Soaker Shorties woolie by Ritaknitsall

Disana Wool Overpant Diaper Cover (6-12 months 74/80, blue)

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Wool diaper covers - Ottobre Design

Oh, wool diaper covers. You changed my life (and my baby’s butt), and yet you remain the one thing I hesitate to truly Internet-tub-thump for because MAN, you really can be a huge pain in the ass with the learning curve, and thus people think I’m insane for using you.

I have yet another for you. I am the mother of a beautiful 5 month old baby girl who has extremely sensitive skin. She basically turns red when anything touches her anywhere on her body. We have from day one, but have struggled with returning redness and diaper rash, especially after she wakes up in the morning. (FYI, it is not yeast, just extremely sensitive skin.) She almost always spends an hour or two naked every day to cut down on the irritation. Because of this, we started using wool diaper covers at night with the hope that the breathability would help, and it did.

Wool diaper covers - Ottobre Design

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Wool diaper covers - Ottobre Design

Wool covers can be purchased in a wide selection of styles that range from shorts and skirts to pants and heavy winter wear. Many companies that sell wool diaper covers also offer wool wash that contains lanolin.

Wool diaper covers absorb a small amount of moisture when the area is under pressure, such as in a car seat. For overnight or use in car seats, choose a diaper that has an additional layer of absorbent material to prevent damp wool covers. Wool diaper covers can be used overnight, do not leak if the diaper is adequate and are appropriate for most temperatures.