Hearts Aflutter Diaper Cover - 3-6mos. Made by me for my Etsy Shop.

Gerber Baby Three-Piece Cardigan, Dress and Diaper Cover Set, Big Hearts, 12 Months


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In our satin diaper covers, we are able to have a little more fun. Here you will find a lot of holiday patterns, polka dots, and hearts in our wholesale baby bloomers. We love designing new items and diaper covers too. If you want ruffles, you will love these satin ruffled baby bloomers! Oh, the ruffles, they are just too cute! These cheap diaper covers have some flounce when toddlers walk in them. The satin makes them soft and confortable. Our satin baby diaper covers really are just too cute. We only wish these were around when we had a baby girl. These are not only great for toddlers but infants, and newborns too. The elastic waist and legs make these versatile for many ages. Buy these bloomers when they are babies and it should last them quite a while. Talk about getting your moneys worth! Thanks for looking at our cheap baby bloomers. We have a cheap diaper cover for any outfit or photoshoot that you might need. Oh, the ruffles, they are just too cute, aren't they? You will love us if you are looking for bloomers wholesale. We have so many styles to choose from.

This is a beautiful Sweetheart Hat and Heart Diaper cover set that will look gorgeous on your beautiful baby. This outfit would make a fantastic photo prop.

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