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Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts for Pocket or Cover Diapers from Nora's Nursery - One Size Fits All (10 Pack, Soft Bamboo)

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Luckily, replacing the elastic in your diapers is a really simple process that only takes a few minutes. A note on the elastic you choose to "refresh" your diapers: I prefer braided elastic. It says specifically that it can be used for diapers, and I've had great results with it. Valerie at Diaper Junction gave me two Diaper Rite covers to use for this tutorial, but this process works for most diapers that I've come across.

I purchased my four Diaper Junction one-size diaper covers in limited edition holiday colors: Merry (green with red snaps), Bright (red with green snaps), Peace (blue with gray snaps), and Light (gray with blue snaps). Diaper Junction also offers the inexpensive cover in almost two dozen solids and prints. I therefore rate the diaper extremely highly in terms of variety. (Note: As of the publication of my review, Diaper Junction has discontinued the Diaper Junction brand, instead opting to combine the features, prints, prices of the Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite brands. Diaper Junction will stock only the new and improved Diaper Rite cover in the future.)

Diaper Rite Brand Products: Economy and Quality in One

  • Diaper Junction covers do not have double gussets; Diaper Rite covers do.
  • Diaper Rite is an exclusive product line to Diaper ..

    The old DiaperRite covers (which got renamed Diaper Junction covers a couple months after I bought them) & flats make up the vast majority of my stash. They are SO versatile! I like that they hold padfolded flats so much more securely than Flips – with a wriggly squiggly 1.5 yr old, it comes in handy.