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A cloth diaper cover is basically a leak resistant cover that holds a prefold (a prefold is like the cloth diaper your grandmother used) in place. You just set a prefold in them and they attach to your baby much like a disposable diaper would.

When thinking of the difference between cloth pocket diapers vs. cloth diaper covers, think of pocket diapers as basically being glorified covers. The extra layer hiding the inner layers on a pocket diaper makes it look better on the inside before and after it gets peed or pooped on than a cover and it can be pre-assembled. Both of these features are the reasons pocket diapers are hailed as husband and babysitter friendly.

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    Lanolizing is a key process in waterproofing wool. Wool is a reliable fabric to use for cloth diaper covers because it’s naturally breathable and wicks moisture away from the body. It’s also pretty odor resistant, which really comes in handy when dealing with urine. Some would say this combination makes for a no-fail solution for heavy wetting babies.

    To a new parent, the many options in cloth diaper covers can quickly overwhelm a parent, leaving them wondering how they can ever determine what is the best choice for their family. Even if you can determine what types of diapers you might want to purchase, the cover brings entirely new options into play. In fact, there are a lot of differences when it comes to cloth diaper covers. By understanding each one, however, you can begin to determine what might work for your baby.