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I tried the Blueberry Diapers Coverall One-Size Cloth Diaper with my second baby, because I was tired of having to buy multiple covers everytime the baby grew. While they did have a wide variety of snaps to use to customize the fit, I was never able to get a good fit on my son. The Blueberry Diapers Coverall One-Size Cloth Diaper tended to give him red marks around the waist and thighs. If I had it on tight enough to contain blowouts, then it was too tight and left the red marks. But if I snapped it loose enough to be more comfortable, then he would leak out at the waist and thighs.

It really didn't contain his pee overnight, but I will say that he was a super soaker and not many covers did.

The pluses to this diaper are the one size feature, the snaps which help up well and the fact that it washes well without holding onto an ammonia smell (which is a big problem with cloth diapers).

The Blueberry Coverall One Size Covers run a bit big. They are a very high qauality, durable diaper. They come in the cutest prints of any other cover brand out there. Nothing is cuter than their cow print on a baby's bum. They have the double leg gussets which have better coverage for around the legs. They are cut a little wider than other covers. They seem to fit much better over prefolds than my other covers do. They also fit pretty well over my bulkier fitteds. I have the snaps just because I think they will be more durable. Also, I have heard that the aplix can dig into baby's skin and irritate them. So, I am trying to stick with snaps and Blueberrys.

Baby has SOAKED through prefolds yet not a drop has come out of the Blueberry Coverall Diaper Cover. I'm planning on buying more.

Blueberry Coveralls Diaper Covers - Green Mountain Diapers

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